Get a Home Inspection

My number one real estate tip for this month is hire a qualified home inspector whether you are the Seller or the Buyer.  Sellers can protect their home investment but spending a few hundred dollars to have an inspector find issues and problems unknown by the seller.  These issues can then be resolved prior to putting the house on the market.  The seller can then either make the repairs or disclose any issues that they are unwilling to repair.  This is particularly important in houses with crawl spaces.  This time of year crawl spaces are great places for mold, mildew and termites!  Buyers should have a whole house inspection, pest inspection and should consider radon and mold inspections as well.  No one wants post closing problems and issues that can be resolved up front.  For more information on real estate, Ask The Expert at (812)426-9020 or visit our website at - Carol

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