"When it came time to sell our Evansville home, the decision of selecting an agent was simple. Team McClintock is the undisputed leading realtor in this market, with the best reputation with the #1 sale record, and we would select no one else . Carol McClintock and her capable team have enabled our successful transition by going above and beyond every step of the way in solving challenges inevitably experienced when selling a home. For that and much more I am very grateful and extremely glad we had Team McClintock on board."
Barbara and Bob Keller
"We could not have been more pleased with the professionalism, courtesy and follow-through of Carol and her team!
Dan and Randee Bugher - Vectren
"Carol went out of her way to accommodate our schedules. She followed through with everything – it was obvious she had my interest as a priority.
Gary Taylor - Springleaf Financial Services
"Exceptional service made my home purchase comfortable with their professional explanations and guidance through the entire purchase process. Entire staff was very knowledgeable and very helpful with every question and need.
Curtis McGee - Springleaf Financial Services
"Carol is truly like family to us. No matter how big or small our needs, she’s there for us. We wouldn’t use anyone else!
Susie and Rick Schach - Vectren Corporation
"Carol had great knowledge of the area, met our timeline for moving to the area and was a GREAT resource of time and information after we bought our home. She also was more than welcoming of us to the Evansville community. Additionally, Susan was a HUGE assist in working with the sellers in coordinating the final details of our home (even with some hiccups). A great team!"
Ryan S.
"Ellen was one of the first people I met when I was visiting Evansville for the first time during my job search. She kindly took me around town...and was good to follow-up to help me find a place to live temporarily...and then started searching for houses for me. And she is just nice...and patient. She was willing to help me decide and take me to properties twice."
Bryan K.
"The process of building and purchasing our home was anything but easy (due to unexpected, outside circumstances). Ellen went ABOVE AND BEYOND with every aspect of the process. She is still sticking with us through to the bitter end, even when technically her "real estate responsibilities" are complete. We have already recommended Ellen to other friends and will continue to do so. Ellen was extremely professional at all times and very pleasant to work with through the entire process. She is an all-star!!!"
Catie T.
"Carol knows the business extremely well. Knows the community extremely well. Very personable with great interpersonal skills."
Mack B.
"Carol's marketing - her ability to reach more potential buyers than any other realtor."
Andrew B.
“Carol does her job better than any other REALTOR® and goes overboard to help sell your house.”
Pam M.
"Carol is honest and forthcoming with what we need to know."
"Mindy listened to our requirements for a home and followed up with our requests."
Patricia L.
"Mindy answered every question, and went above and beyond for me. She made a difficult process a whole lot easier."
Jesse W.
Ellen provides all the information such as CMA, property records in a timely manner. She is detailed-oriented, and provides good advice. She is professional, courteous and a pleasure to work with.
Tanuj M.
"Ellen helped me so much and answered all of my questions. She was amazing."
Kara D.
Mindy's willingness to help me with whatever I needed and the very helpful advice she gave knowing I was a first-time buyer.
Kristen W.
Mindy was thorough, responsive, and able to calm my nerves throughout the entire process.
Crescent E.
Carol is extremely pragmatic about things, but kind as well. Also, she and her team are very helpful and responsive, as well as knowledgeable about the industry! I'd also like to call out Keith Schulz for his responsiveness especially, AND his wonderful photography skills! 
Kate S.
I liked Carol's enthusiasm, her ability to choose properties that fit me and my needs, availability, and her patience!
Frances M.
Kelsey had a great attitude, was positive, and willing to assist.
Chad L.
Susan is amazing in every way and wonderful at walking us through what we needed to do. She was always prompt on communicating with us no matter when or what time is was.
Katie S.
Susan is amazing! She is one step ahead always. She catches every detail and keeps communication at all times. 
Kerri O.
Carol had great advice for getting our home ready to sell, people who could help clean out and organize our 30 years worth of"stuff." We then relied on her expertise in the decision making process on the actual sale of our home.
Lisa D.
Carol provided crisp execution. The whole process ran like clockwork. Very impressive. I have sold multiple houses over the years, this was by far the smoothest and easiest.
Shawl L.
Ellen was very knowledgeable, professional, always answered the phone and quick to handle any needs that we had. She was also very polite.
Justin R.
I liked Mindy's availability, atttention to detail. She was great to work with. 
Michele K.
I liked Carol and team's willingness to deal with unusual problems.
Terry B.
Mindy was a very good communicator through out the entire process, which I appreciated very much. 
Stephanie B.
Ellen was amazing! Always working above and beyond especially with the nightmare we had on our hands. Ellen was so easy to talk to and I feel like she became a friend! 
Jacklyn S.
We liked Susan and Carol's assistance in acclimating us to a new area and persistence in finding us a house.
Joe and Amy S.
Ellen was knowledgable about the area, patient, and accommodating. And very kind as well!
Sara P.
Ellen was very personable; easily reachable and quick to respond to questions or issues; highly knowledgeable and able to convey information for a new buyer.
Chris G.
Carol knows what she is doing, and told me what to do. I obeyed, and it worked perfectly and swiftly. She knows my mother is very ill, and that I already have enough stress without her adding to it.
Maurice H.
Ellen is/was the best agent I’ve ever worked with. She is patient and very helpful at every step along the way. Her knowledge of the process, laws, and other details were extremely beneficial. Ellen is thorough in every step of the process. I worked with Ellen to both buy and sell my house. I feel like I gained a friend in the process. 
Bryan K.
Mindy was so helpful in answering questions and explaining the whole buying and selling process.
Patty W.
Kelsey has great knowledge of the property. I enjoyed her friendliness and outgoing personality. She is a great communicator with a tremendous work ethic and worked hard to sell our home.
Marty & Angie S.
I liked Carol's responsiveness, knowledge, friendliness, and guidance.
Celia S.
Mindy was knowledgeable about the selling process, good liaison with buyer’s realtor, readily available when I had questions. Also patient with all my questions!
Anita P.
Kelsey made herself available. She was one of the very first points of contact we had as a relocation family to Evansville. She was welcoming and very knowledgeable of the area.
Christine P.
Ellen was great to us all the way!!! We really enjoyed working with her!!!
David D.
Kelsey was very responsive, excellent resource, and told us facts not just what we wanted to hear.
Bobbi S.
Ellen was always willing to help us throughout the entire experience from recommendations on what we should to do in order to list the property to assisting us in finding qualified contractors to perform the inspection repairs.
Kassidy K.
Mindy kept me informed. Made my part of selling house easy. I moved out of state before my house went on the market and she took care of everything and took a lot of stress off me. She sold my house extremely quick. She is awesome!
Angela D.
Carol is prompt, professional, and experienced. Team McClintock is a well-oiled machine...if you ask (and even if you don't) it will be done.
Ryan T.
I liked Carol's personality and willingness to go above and beyond. She knows exactly what she is doing.
Jennifer H.
We liked everything! Team McClintock is professional in every way. It is SO NICE to have a realtor as the contact source between buyer and seller; this team was proficient and timely in every request.
Scott & Miriam R.
Cindy was so realistic. I felt like she actually cared about what I was looking for. She didn't just rush me into a home, regardless of what I wanted. Because she cared, we ended up in the best home for us!
Carol was professional, approachable, available, efficient, and knowledgeable.
Kimron R.
Ellen was prompt and courtesy in responding to my questions. She kept me posted of every step taken.
Donna M.
Ellen was amazing, she was so helpful, and kind. She really cares about her clients and finding them the right home. She was always readily available. It’s hard to pick one thing we really liked about her because she was incredible!
Beau J.
"Kelsey was always willing to see houses on a short notice, go out of her way to make time for showings, sending us listings, learning what we liked and disliked!"
Marley S.
Kelsey was friendly, accommodating, and reliable!
Taylor H.
Cindy was extremely helpful! She recommended a banker that I believe made loan possible! She is such a nice person! 
Carolyn A.
Ellen listened to what I was looking for in a house and was very familiar with the area. She answered every question I had when it came to buying my first home.
Matthew M.
Cindy has been superb in everything she has done as a realtor. She is the ultimate compassionate, and helpful realtor and I would be happy to recommend her at any time.  Even in the challenging times she remains steadfast and professional while dedicated to protecting and serving the needs of both seller and buyer. 
Brenda C.
Cindy was attentive and helpful throughout the process.
James O.
Carol was extremely helpful in finding our first home. She is kind, honest, and a pleasure to have worked with.
Sean L.
Cindy made me feel like I was the most important client in her life. She responded to calls immediately, followed up on everything I had questions about, and thought three steps ahead to tell me what I could expect and how I could prepare. She was friendly and upbeat every time. She was a better realtor than I could ever hope for.
Barbara G.
Mindy was very responsive to our requests to see homes and not pushy about our drawn-out process.
Graham P.
I liked that Cindy was no pressure and she toook care of details. 
Rachel A.
Carol was always available, always in a great mood, and always provided the information I needed quickly. 
Wayda G.
Carol was honest about the research that was performed when pricing the house. She kept me updated about the status of the house and worked in getting the necessary contractors to come in an complete work necessary for the sale of the house.
Stephen B.
"Cindy spent a lot of time and effort helping us find the right home. She helped us find a broker for financing. She was always friendly and polite. I felt very comfortable working with her."
Tom F.
Carol and the group that works for her, take care of everything very quickly and answer your phone calls in a very timely manner. I was extremely impressed!
Diane G.
I liked JD's enthusiasm to make my plan happen
Sadye M.
Carol is very knowledgeable and always professional. Communicated offers and concerns in a very no-nonsense manner. Accessible and had a good support staff.
Robert Z.
Carol is the epitome of everything you want in real estate agent; well-connected, extremely knowledgeable, caring, a true professional and wonderful person.
Gabriela W.
Carol knows our real estate market better than just about anyone. She’s extremely professional, efficient and gets the job done.
Stephanie E.
Carol has clear communication & expectations settings, a strong customer focus, is responsive, and knows the market very well. She provides great guidance on what sells well and navigates through tricky situations.
Parin P.
Mindy went above and beyond, looking for the right properties and helping me find the right one -- not just trying to get me to buy something.
Robert W.
Loved working with Mindy when buying my home. The app was very user friendly and helped me find houses quickly and narrow down my searches. Much more user friendly than other ones. Highly recommend F.C. Tucker when looking to purchase a home.
Anna H.
I recommend Ellen Topper at F.C. Tucker. She made my frist home purchase a breeze. She made sure I had more in depth answers to everything I had questions about. She was able to explain things better and help me more than my home loan agent. She didn’t only help us find a home, she made sure we felt important and informed. She is the absolute best!
Shayna R.
"Ellen worked with us for many months without pressure and is knowledgeable and honest. Ellen made the buying process as stress free as possible."
Karen H.
“I liked Mindy’s knowledge of neighborhoods, her friendliness, and overall expertise of everything we needed to get done.”
Olyvia S.
"Cindy is professional, thorough, friendly, and aims for success!"
Mary Ann A.
"I liked Cherona's availability, kindness, professionalism. Absolutely everything!!! She was amazing!"
Shirley B.